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Dr. Robert Ellis GEIGER
City University, Hong Kong
Dr. Robert Ellis-Geiger is a feature film composer of culturally diverse styles who combines acoustic instruments ranging from small eclectic ensembles to full orchestra, computer-generated instruments, synthesis and organic soundscape design. His feature works include After This Our Exile (2006, starring Aaron Kwok and Charlie Yeung) and Election 2 (2006, directed by Johnnie To Kei Fung). Documentaries include Storm Under the Sun (2007, directed by Xiaolian Peng), South (2009, written and directed by Gerhard Fillei and Joachim Krenn), and Beyond Sight (2011, directed by Tomoko Hara). In 2004, he composed and performed the Mind’s Eye, a unique interactive audio visual mindfulness experience. Robert is a professional performer and studio musician (voice, piano, and trumpet) of pop, blues, and folk through to classical and also a music producer, audio recording engineer and sound designer. Robert advises Innovea on the development of audio-visual products for the enhancement of mindfulness and innovation.

Robert has a Masters in Music from the Queensland Conservatory of Music (1999) and received his PhD from the University of Leeds (Trends in contemporary Hollywood film scoring: A synthesized approach for Hong Kong cinema, 2007). As an educator, Robert draws knowledge and experience from primary sources (real world professional practice), supports his students learning experience through “real-world” engagement that is combined with theoretical underpinning to facilitate a student’s ability in producing an aesthetic experience. He is presently teaching sound design at the School of Creative Media, City University, Hong Kong.

Alice was the Chinese language representative of the World Dyslexia Forum held in Paris in 2010 and provided an on-line campus dedicated to the assessment and training of children with Specific Learning Disabilities. She is active in the Hong Kong community by supporting families with learning-disabled children. She was presented with the President’s Award in 1997 for Achievement (Overall Achievement), in all 3 areas of teaching, research, and community services; the Award of Best Community Project for the Research on Psychological and Learning Difficulties for Non-Engaged Youth in Hong Kong; and the Highest Growth Consultant Award in 2011 by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
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