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Adjunct, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Roy HORAN, founder of Innovea, coined by ‘Who’s Who in the World’ as one of the world’s most noteworthy people (2009-Present), is a published creativity expert (Encyclopedia of Creativity), an honorable TEDx speaker (2010), and Quality Education Fund-supported pioneer in Hong Kong Education. He served as an assistant professor and researcher at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University from 1999-2011 specializing in the areas of creativity, intelligence and higher order thinking from a neuropsychology perspective. Prior to his academic career, he worked in both the Hong Kong film and corporate training industries.

Roy formulated and published many models during his time at the PolyU. He developed the Ocean Model which combines empirical studies of creativity and intelligence with Eastern philosophical concepts. He conducted electrophysiological studies on the relationship between creativity and meditation and investigated the problem of creativity assessment, for which he developed the Creative Momentum Assessment Model, an objective assessment tool for measuring all types of creative achievement.

Roy has , over the years, created and facilitated numerous corporate training programs such as the Heart of Success, as well as self-development programs for the general public and education sector. As a trainer and consultant, he brings to the table neuropsychological applications that are appropriate to individuals and corporations seeking to attain peak performance states.

Some of his innovations include diagnostic instruments effective in measuring Core Competencies (Integral Psychological Profile) as well as the underlying sources of Stress and Resilience (StressQuest), providing direction not only for personal transformation but as an organic path for both individuals looking to better themselves and corporations seeking to secure a competitive edge in their respective industries.

Roy’s scientific approach involves taking his clients through a natural transformative process from diagnostics (where do I stand/ what is the current status quo), to training (moving towards success) to execution (consulting and follow up up on application). His favorite saying is "As you think, so you become".
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Mindful Innovation
Innovative ideas, products and services that arise both intutively and systematically from a state of psychological flow characterized by non-judgemental passion for each moment, mental clarity, service to the higher needs of the individual or organization, and responsibility toward a sustainable society, culture and environment.