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SMILE! (Using Integral Stress Reduction)
✓ Acquire quick fixes to alleviate stress right here, right now
✓ Learn to readily enter peak performance states
✓ Learn to overcome insomnia, emotional stress, bad habits & addictions
✓ Use self-inquiry tools to build self-esteem.
✓ Learn to naturally energize during long work hours.
✓ Discover the power of joy and how to achieve it easily.
✓ Explore the power of empathy for better communication and happiness
✓ Learn to cope with multiple deadlines, procrastination and poor prioritization
‣ SMILE! Introduces New Technologies

StressQuest TM
StressQuest profiles your stress-resilience within seven key psychological centers. Customize your stress reduction program accordingly.

TM MindStreamQuest TM
An eyes-open mindfulness technique that subdues the racing mind, increases awareness and helps you perform better.

7-Point Emotion Centering TM
A rapid, effective way to manage your emotions. Follow with ‘7-Point Center Resonance’ to cope with change and uncertainty.

The Aha! Technique TM
An innovative eyes-open mindful meditation strategy which puts you rapidly into a state of flow, in any situation.
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Mindful Innovation
Innovative ideas, products and services that arise both intutively and systematically from a state of psychological flow characterized by non-judgemental passion for each moment, mental clarity, service to the higher needs of the individual or organization, and responsibility toward a sustainable society, culture and environment.